Fitness, Spa and Yoga Club

FUSION BODYWORKS vision is a community Fitness, Spa and Yoga club, whereby each member can Live Life Now by developing social, personal and spiritual strength.
Our mission is to realize our vision by consistently giving people what they need for their well-being, through personalized, innovative approaches to the experience we call Live Life Now!

FUSION BODYWORKS distinct four core values form the fabric that holds us together. Our shared values unite us to serve our members:

  • CARING: Make FUSION BODYWORKS members feeling understood and comfortable via: excellent service; the best Personal Training, GroupeX and Yoga teams; happy and smiling staff; facilities that are, innovative (first real GreenWall in Hanoi), spotlessly clean and fully functional over 2,000 m2 right in the heart of Hanoi Capital.
  • FAIR MINDED: Fair in business, and fair with members: always putting the members personalized needs first, and being good citizens to the neighborhood and community at large.
  • EXCELLENT: Exceeding expectations, seeking the wow-factor, innovation, trying to do something new and cutting edge—going beyond the norm.
  • STYLINNOVATIVE: This value is about our outlook on the environments we value in life: Being stylish and being Innovative—both must go together. Through this we can be better at helping, delivering what members like, presenting a feeling of openness, newness, smart thinking, and adding excitement to each members’ daily routine.