Some secrets to a Healthy Life…

1) Eat equilateral with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables:

Eat more fruits and vegetables with some cooked foods in warm/hot weather. You can eat more cooked grains, soups, beans in winter and less raw foods to keep warm and good internal balance in cold weather. Eat fresh organic chemical-free vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts. Avoid processed and preserved foods. Use Sea Vegetables, rich in minerals and very healthy for immunity & organs.
Stop before full. Overeating causes excess diseases. Overeating brings blood to lower digestive system and takes blood away from the brain. Clarity is diminished with full stomach. An alert clear mind equals success, inner security, good health and longevity.
Your daily food is your Health care best partner. Choose whole foods wisely, proper preparation of daily meals is crucial to well-being.

2) Go outdoor after meals:

This practice can improve your health & longevity dramatically. Why? Oxygen helps to digest food. Indoor, close work, reading, TV, or computer work after meals causes poor digestion and blood stagnation in the head and not enough blood in the stomach to facilitate proper food digestion. Walk at least 30 minutes after meals and look softly into the distance.

3) Never eat a heavy meal before bed time:

This is a big no-no if you want health and mental clarity and keep slim. Night hours are for healing & rejuvenation of cells, not for ingesting heavy proteins & other foods. Sleeplessness is causes mostly from overeating late or over-drinking all day.

4) Exercise, exercise, exercise:

Man and Woman bodies were made to move each day. Walking or cycling on our cardio equipment. Doing Yoga or GroupX classes or simply get a massage or exercise at our Fitness center will guarantee you to maximize the benefits of your exercises sessions.

5) Drink pure liquids when thirsty only:

No animal in nature drinks when they are not thirsty. If you eat enough vegetables, grains & fruit (whole foods), your thirst will be normal. Over-drinking is the cause of much kidney, bladder, colon & stomach problems. Water is not an inert substance. Water causes water-logging of entire body if taken to excess.

6) Rest or sleep when exhausted:

When you body is tired, rest. When you are exhausted, rest. When you are sleeply, sleep and rest. Your body knows best and give you signals daily. Heed the signals.

7) Moderation in all things:

Taoist, Buddhist and Yoga teachings all say to avoid extremes. “Extremes” cause extreme disease conditions in the body organs, muscles and cause body/mind/spirit imbalances, leading to suffering & illness.


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