• It’s all about sculpting the legs!

    As females, sometimes we might focus too much on losing that lower belly and forget about our bottom part. The hips and legs are also two important factor that define your body shape. Toning them up is just as essential as having a small waist line. Spring is passing by and summer is coming. It is just about time to define those legs to pull the best out of your shorts, skirts and dresses.

    Here is the collective Sexy Leg Workout Challenge that is designed to achieve a strong and toned pair of legs. It should only take you less than 20 minutes everyday. Game on!


    20 squats
    30 lunges
    40 calf raises
    50 seconds wall sit
    100 jumping jacks
    50 seconds wall sit
    40 sumo squats
    30 leg raises
    20 squats

    If you’re the first starter of legs exercise, you can trim down the number to half. And if you feel extra challenging today, go for another round and feel the burn tomorrow!