• Want to get slim calves? Try this 3-minute workout!

    1. Calf raise and pulses

    – Stand straight with legs shoulder width apart

    – Raise up and pulses with your feet so that you can affect calves to be thinner.
    –  Do not rush. Slowly do this movement for 30 seconds



    2. Calf raise and pulses with weights

    –  You sit on the chair with straight back.

    – Place 2 small weights (1-2 kg) on your thighs. You can use bottles instead of weights.
    – Slowly raise and pulse you calves
    – Do this movement for 30 seconds continously.


    3. Wide stance stretch

    – Stand with one leg stretched out in front of you and bend this knee.
    – The other is behind you and keep this straight. You should keep two leg as wide as possible
    – Your foot is totally flat on the ground

    – Your back is straight and you have to look ahead
    – Hold this position for 20 second and then switch legs


    4. Standing Hamstring with Calf Stretch

    – Step one foot forward and keep that leg straight and pulse toes up
    – The other leg is behind and its knee is bended down.
    – Hold this pose for 20 seconds,  then step the foot back and switch to the other side.



    5. Traditional Squat with Calf raise

    – Stand straight with legs shoulder width apart
    – Clasp the hands like you are praying, keep your eyes straight ahead
    – Slowly bend your knees and lower your hips.
    – Then you can stand up and standing toe raises
    – Do this squat for 30 seconds continuously


    You also can do the same movements with sumo squat which your legs spread to the side. Do this kind of squat continuously in 30 seconds.  These squat exercise will help you tone and lift the butt as well as flat your belly.