FUSION BODYWORKS is extremely proud to propose its own designed brand of Fitness and Yoga clothing and sport equipment to its members through it’s FUSIONFITWEAR service.

What could be better than having clothes specifically designed to represent your favorite Gym club and providing you with a real feeling of belonging to a unique community and even being unique yourself?

FUSIONFITWEAR clothes have been exclusively designed by fashionable and famous local designers. Their talent combines with our experience in Fitness and our willingness to provide our members with a unique and rich line of clothing have come with an incomparable range of clothes covering T-shirt, polo, short, sport trousers, socks, shoos and any other accessories you may find useful during or even after having practice in our center.

FUSIONFITWEAR shop is available at FUSION BODYWORKS center only and available at exclusive and very affordable prices to FUSION BODYWORKS members.

Come and check out to wear your Life Life Now experience!