We welcome you at FUSION BODYWORKS HANG DA center, the first Fitness, Spa and Yoga gym club offering 2,000 m2 of facilities right in the heart of Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. Fusion Bodyworks is a self-contained complex, including Yoga, Fitness, Gym, modern dance class, café lounge, indoor 3D golf area, Spa.
Through out a period of construction and development, FUSION BODYWORKS HANG DA has gained a certain position in customer’s mind



Especially at Fusion Bodyworks Hang Da, we have Hot Yoga with international standards for the first time in Hanoi. Hot Yoga is a outstanding form of exercise. It has effect in losing weight, keeping fit and removing toxins from the body. Besides, this subject can cure diseases such as hypotension, fat causes atherosclerosis, arthritis, ect.

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Address : The 4th floor, Hang Da Galleria, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Hotline : +84 4 6284 96 96 
Email : livelifenow@fbw.vn
Fanpage  : https://www.facebook.com/fusion.bodyworks.vietnam