• 3 morning habits that can wreck your day

    There are so many things can ruin your morning mood like hitting a traffic jam on the way to works or realizing you’ve forgotten an umbrella just as a downpour hits. Some things are out of your hands but other morning habits could be starting you off on the wrong foot. Let start your day with full of energy by fixing these little bad morning behaviors.

    Drink coffee too early

    Is there really a bad time for coffee? Yes. Energy levels rise naturally when you first wake up. So drinking coffee then causes an extra energy surge that can leave you jittery, says experts. Therefore, save it for an hour after you’ve gotten out of bed and uou will catch the most benefits from coffee. That’s when your energy levels begin to plummet, so coffee keeps them up well into the afternoon.

    Your breakfast is not enough

    A handful of fruits mixed with Greek yogurt may sound like the perfect healthy breakfast, but it can set you up to binge in the afternoon. Not only is it just not enough food, but it’s also lacking in some nutrients that are key to ensuring you feel full until your next meal. Therefore, a filling breakfast should consist of around 15 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fiber, complex carbs, and some healthy fat.

    Check E-mail at first thing

    This is one nasty habit you should break ASAP. Checking your inbox the moment you open your eyes in the morning can set you up for stress all day long. Instead of worrying about work first thing, focus on starting your morning with some yoga, drinking a cup of tea, or talking to a roommate. This will actually help boost your productivity and get your creative flowing — which will pay off at work way more than checking that e-mail from your boss would.

    Source: Women’s Health