• 3 signs that you’re dehydrated

    Not just when you’re thirsty that you need to drink up. Your body is still dehydrated. There are some signs of the dehydration that you can even recognize.

    You have a headache

    Unless you drink 24/7, your body is constantly losing water. That means you’re also losing salt, sodium and potassium needed. You might not know that the salt loss actually can change the chemical structure of the blood, which causes your headache. More simply: The more you’re dehydrated, the more your blood volume drops, the less oxygen flow to your brain”, says experts. And your headache can be worse depending on your stat of dehydration.

    Your pee is extra yellow

    That means your urine is concentrated too much waste. When you’re fully hydrated, the waste can easily flushed out of your body. That’s why we all know that drinking enough water is the best way to detox your body.

    You’re constipated

    Not only eating not enough veggy can lead to the constipation, drinking not enough water can also lead to the same way. For the similar reason, water is the main factor that help to push your waste through your colon, then out of your body. So when you have not enough water, the waste would be difficult to move and left in your colon, which causes the constipation.

    Source: Women’s Health