• 4 habits that will ruin your weight lose plan

    Losing weight is not too difficult, at least compared to keep it off. Here are 4 habits that will ruin your weight lose plan and even worse, will make you gain back any weight you lose.

    You’re avoiding the scale

    However people hate to face their weight, if you don’t keep tabs on how your body changing, it will get you out of control before you even realize. So try to stepping on the scale, running a measuring tape around your waist and taking note, or even take your body selfies from time to time (perhaps once a week). It’ll give you more motivation to goal your plan.

    You’re overeating

    You might think just one more bite may not be a big deal, but NO, that little more will make you gian weight incredibly quickly. You should eat about 70 – 80% of the capacity of the stomach for each meal, says experts, which mean don’t ever overeating if you don’t want to gain weight. Overeating can also cause a stomachach and food craving.

    You’re skipping the exercices

    Your body is always doing one of two things: gaining muscle or losing it. Therefore, keep your workout routine if you want to hit your weight lose goal.

    You’re consuming too much fat

    Is very important to understand the difference between good and bad fat. Try to figure out how to balance between the two will definitely the key to maintaining your weight lose.

    Source: Women’s Health