• 8 Tips to Burn calories without the workouts!

    Did you know that Shopping can burn some extra calories? Take a look at these 8 Tips to Burn calories without the workouts!

    1. Tip toe

    Instead of standing lift up on the toes of your feet.Hold as long as you can it is a classic strength building exercise.If you can do this you can burn few calories and bigger calf muscle which burn more calories over the long term.

    2. Walk and Talk

    Never sit and talk when you are on phone.walk while you are testing and move your legs when you are playing.By this your metabolism will improve and burn few calories.

    3. Chewing a gum

    It burns very small amount of calories chew on a regular basis.By chewing a gum keeps you away from snacking all the time and reduce the intake of few calories.

    4. 5 minute challenge

    In a day spend last 5 min of every hour moving around.Straighten up,go to drink some water just moving on last 5 min.By the end of the day you can burn up to 170 calories.

    6. Laughing

    Find something hilarious which makes you laugh (or) stick to favorite comedy for 15 min it burns up to 50 calories.

    7. Get a bicycle

    Fuel prices are very high so cycling is super cool in weekends.A 30 min ride on bicycle you can burn 250 calories.

    8. Stair walk

    An average person can burn 9 calories in one minute while walking up the stairs.Daily you should walk on the stairs for 5 min and avoid elevators.You can burn more than 300 calories in a week.