• What laughter can do for you

    Is a hearty chuckle every day worth a few wrinkles around the mouth? Don’t make me LAUGH! Get on your giggle and check out our roundup of the many potential benefits of laughter, from head to toe. Laughter can:

    • Improve your memory
    • Make you more open-minded
    • Improve sleep quality and help treat insomnia
    • Boost problem-solving ability and creativity
    • Bolster immune system
    • Reduce depression and anxiety
    • Stimulates the release of endorphin and put you in a positive mood
    • Protect against heart attacks
    • Strengthen relationships with others by increasing sense of trust
    •  Increase blood flow by improving blood vessel function
    • Relieve tension in muscles
    • Raise pain tolerance

    Smile up to see how beautiful life is!