• 3 best drinks before bedtime

    Check out 3 drinks to skip and 3 best drinks to enjoy before bedtime.

    Herbal tea instead of green tea

    3 best drinks before bedtime

    Green tea, as you know, it contains brain-buzzing caffeine that keep you up. So instead of green tea, grab a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea to help you calm down before bedtime.

    Tart cherry juice instead of orange juice

    3 best drinks before bedtime

    Some kinds of citrus juices like orange have a high sugar content which can keep you stay up late and can’t stop moving. Whereas, a glass of tart cherry juice actually contains melatonin, which can increase
    your sleep time. Want to sleep 90 more minutes a night, drink cherry juice!

    Some warm milk for smoothly sleep time

    3 best drinks before bedtime

    You may think that drink some booze will help you chill out in bed, but not, it can do just the opposite and make you a sleepless night. Instead of something boozy, a warm glass of milk will keep you calm and bring you to a smoothly sleep.

    Source: Fitsugar