• 3 savory ways to enjoy watermelon

    Being boring with the simply sliced fruit, try that 3 savory ways to “refresh” your summer with watermelon.

    Watermelon salad

    3 savory ways to be fresh in summer with watermelon

    Salad is the most popular dishes of summer. Just toss a little of watermelon cube in your quick green salad, some fresh cheese (feta or mozzarella) and yumm .. enjoy the fresh of vegetable and fruit combination. You can also add some red onion, olives, tomatoes, redishes, mint, basil, cucumber, avocado, ..

    Pair it with seafood

    3 savory ways to enjoy watermelon

    A slice of watermelon top chilled seafood, like crab or salmon, absolutely better taste , isn’t it?

    Grilled watermelon

    3 savory ways to enjoy watermelon

    Have you ever thought of grilled watermelon dish yet? A grilled watermelon slab with melted cheese on top, between two buns. Or just simply dressed it with some sesame oil, and you’ve got an extremely fresh summer dish.