• 5 simple foods to detox your body

    Sick of feeling sluggish, tired, and bloated? Want to get that hot bod into pristine shape? And if you’re not ready to fully commit to a detox yet, well, a detox might be for you. 

You can still try to modify your diet to help: try cutting carbs, alcohol, dairy, sugar, and caffeine from your current diet, and start adding in these top five foods to feel completely renewed.


    5 simple foods to detox your body
    The polyphenols in tea leaves help to detoxify the body naturally, while popular herbal “detox” teas contain a blend of herbs with special detoxification and cleansing properties. Herbal and detoxification teas don’t usually tend to carry caffeine. 3 – 5 cups of green tea per day will help for weight lose and detoxify.


    5 simple foods to detox your body
    Garlic, as we all know the superfood of the century, not to mention the one that you don’t want to consume on your first or second hot date. So exclude garlic for dating, but include it for a great slammin’ detox. Garlic can also help to lower your bad cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease and also help to de-stress.


    5 simple foods to detox your body
    Made up of approximately 92% water, cabbage is a natural diuretic that is used to help expel excess fluids in the body. You’d probably burn more calories chewing cabbage than anything else. It’s also known for being a perfect source of many dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, including C, K, E, A, and folic acid.

    Green vegetable

    5 simple foods to detox your body
    The chlorophyll in these plant-based foods will rid the body of harmful environmental toxins, as well as aid the liver in detoxification. A blood cleanser and natural antibiotic, it also reduces blood fats, thinning the blood and lowering blood pressure.


    5 simple foods to detox your body
    There are no surprise that water also ranks as the top foods help to detoxify. The body containt more than 70% water. Thus, the availability of water in the body each day is also an extremely good solution to eliminate toxins and support to lose weight quickly. Water will help to flush your kidneys and liver and also hydrate your body from head to toe. Don’t be afraid to down a few cups in the morning, through the day, before any meal, and of course, during and after a workout.