• Amazing benefits of consuming water

    We all learn that water makes up to 70% of our body, which also is the main component of most body parts. Drinking lots and lots of water will bring you certain benefits such as:

    • Lose the extra weight: drinking water is an effective way to reduce hunger. It is an appetite suppressant that will help you eat less.
    • Reduce headache, migraine, tiredness caused by dehydration.
    • Look younger: having healthy glowy skin will cover any sign of aging. Consuming enough water helps replenish skin tissues, moisturize and increase skin elasticity. Hence, keeping your skin properly hydrated is essential.
    • Higher productivity: you brain is also made up mostly of water, the more fluid being consumed, the better you think and concentrate.
    • Detoxification: is the best way to flush out toxins. Drinking plain water doesn’t sound appealing to most people, thus you can add a little flavor along the way, making detoxification a fun process. Lemon, Mint, Cucumber, Ginger, Oranges or Strawberry are some of the ingredients you can add into your bottle. Leave them in the fridge soaked overnight and there goes your delicious and refreshing water.

    lemon mint water

    My favorite is Lemon and Mint flavor water. Lemon helps cleansing and mint adds a touch of freshness.

    flavored waterOther ideas for your flavored water