• Have a better workout by eating the right food

    Exercising on an empty stomach is never a smart choice. Your body can easily fall down to the stage of exhaustion and dehydration. However, you also don’t want to push all your energy toward digesting the wrong kind of food you ate before working out. There are certain kinds of food that instantly boost up your energy as well as keep your stomach at a moderate level.

    Beans/belly-float foods: healthy food such as beans, fruit, broccoli or dairy products tend to make people gassy. Therefore it is best to avoid them before stretching at your yoga class.

    Refined sugar: eating a slice of cake seems to be the perfect idea before exercising because it offers a quick source of energy. Sweet calories burn off just as fast as they are absorbed by your body, especially when being active. Instead, a banana offers important nutrients for the body and is a huge energy booster.


    Spicy foods: they may satisfy your appetite at first, but you will feel uncomfortable once you start to exercise. Spicy food results bad indigestion and heartburn, which could halt your motivation to workout.

    Salty foods: may keep you full but can also result a bad case of dehydration that causes headaches and cramps. If you eat them, make sure to drink just as much water.

    Heavy foods: with thick texture such as creamy, fried or decadent always take much longer to digest. If you don’t want an upset stomach mid-workout, make sure to eat those at least two hours before hitting the gym.







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