• How to get back on track after overeating

    Overeating at the party last nigh? Don’t worry. Overeating happen to almost all of us. And the good thing is, overeating for one day may affect your ability to lose weight but il will not make you gain weight, says experts. So these small tips below should help you get back to your healthy plan ASAP !!


    <h2>Always start your day with breakfast</h2>

    Even if you wake up feeling full from all the food you ate the night before, always start your day with a healthy breakfast. Not only provides energy for a new day, but also help balance your metabolism and your eating habits throughout of the day.


    <h2>Drink more anđ more water u could</h2>

    Not only hydrated your body, drink plenty of water will help you feel full and stay out of the temptation of going to overeating on the next day after.


    <h2>Grab a big salad for lunch</h2>

    The large amount of water in salad will keep you hydrate and take away the feeling of being “groggy”


    <h2>Eat an afternoon snack</h2>

    Don’t ever skip it. Afternooon snack is important to keep your metabolism going so you don’t jump into another overeating session. A handful of raw almonds or some slice of fruit will be a perfect healthy snack.


    <h2>Have dinner at home</h2>

    Cooking dinner yourself for a healthy meal and easy to control the nutritions needed according to your diet.


    <h2>Keep on track with your workout daily routine</h2>

    Try to start with a light yoga class or lifting some easy weights. A little by little, more you try, more great you will feel.