• Ways to lose weight without feeling hungry

    When you start a diet, it is unavoidable to feel hungry all the time. Even though you need to watch your calorie intake carefully, you don’t have to eat so little of the tasteless food that gives you that empty feeling in the stomach all day. We will show you how to eat the right food at the right time and drop kilo without that tortured feeling of food deprived.

    • Protein intake is important: studies show that protein helps reduce appetite because it helps maintain blood sugar levels that reduces cravings.
    • Healthy fat? Yes healthy fats can actually benefit you. They are found in olive oil, nuts and avocados which are proven to reduce belly fat and help you feel full
    • SALAD!: a big mixed bowl of salad once a day will help you chew a lot, which trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a lot. So load up those low-calorie greens such as dried fruit, nuts, avocado with lean protein of chicken or tofu. You will last couple hours longer without feeling hungry


    • Keep a bottle around you: drinking water throughout the day will also help you feel full. Having one always around you will remind you to consume enough water for the day
    • Cheat a little: dealing with cravings can sometimes be worse than with hunger. And when you feel deprived, you are more likely to reach for high-calorie foods. Therefore, you can allow yourself to cheat a little here and there with a square of dark chocolate. You feel rewarded and then move on.


    Good luck on your diet! 🙂