FUSION BODYWORKS helps you entering a new world of Gym where trust and community spirit are keys pillars and where members can be consistently receiving what they need for their well-being, through personalized, innovative approaches to the experience we call Live Life Now!

Once a citizen of FUSION BODYWORKS Fitness and Spa world, your Passport accompanies you all over your journey with us, whatever the duration you choose.

Your Passport records all your activities at FUSION BODYWORKS and includes as much as:

  • Your personal data
  • FUSION BODYWORKS Passport registration date and number of registered quarters
  • Records of all the relevant information regarding your regular FUSIONFIT assessment (InBody)
  • Record of all Personal Training programs established with our qualified Personal Trainers after each FUSIONFIT assessment
  • Record of the evolution of your body datas (weight, InBody datas index evolution, etc..),
  • X-FUSION and YOGA classes schedule
  • Calendar including appointments schedule (e.g with our Personal Trainers for Personal Training Sessions)

Come and get your Passport to the Live Life Now experience!