FUSIONSTRONG is the Personal Training service proposed to FUSION BODYWORKS members. FUSIONSTRONG is performed under the guidance of our Personal Trainers who are health and fitness professionals that can assess individual’s fitness level and design and implement personalized fitness programs. Personal Training comes with several benefits. Training is completely individualized and is specifically designed to reach individual objectives. Personal Training can be adapted to fit a variety of fitness levels from beginners to advanced high level athletes. Training can also help keep workouts fresh and exciting which can help avoid plateaus and burnout.

Our FUSIONSTRONG specialities are:

  • Strength Personal Training,
  • Yoga Personal Training,
  • GroupX Personal Training,
  • Weight and Tone management Training.

Frequently asked questions about FUSIONSTRONG service:

1) What does FUSIONSTRONG’s Personal Training service include?
At the beginning of your FUSIONSTRONG program you will go through a complete Body assessment session on our professional InBody system. This session will be the basis to define your FUSIONSTRONG objectives and workout training plan. Once your objectives and workout schedule are established, you will perform every session of your FUSIONSTRONG program under the guidance of our licenced Personal Trainer to ensure a maximum of safety, professionalism and efficiency in reaching your expected targets.

2) Does FUSIONSTRONG service apply for groups?
Yes, FUSIONSTRONG applies for individual member for sure but also for groups of up to four members at the same time. Working together as a team could inspire you to train to the best of your ability. With Group Personal Training you receive the same high quality level of training as you would in a one-on-one session. Experienced trainers are able to execute a well-designed program that is adaptable to meet the needs of each member of the group.

3) How and where to register to FUSIONSTRONG?
For more information, speak to one of our Club staff. Alternatively, you can contact FUSION BODYWORKS on (+84) 4 6251 0808 or send an e-mail to our Personal Trainers team at the following e-mail address: personal.trainer@fbw.vn

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